A newly developed LLIS technology * 1 non-contact HMI combines a new video device that uses the with a retro-optical member from Nippon Carbide Industries * 2 “Advanced Floating Image Display (AFID)” that . (The image is a display image)
* 1 LLIS (Laser Like Image Source) technology: Maxell’s original video light control technology
* 2 HMI (Human Machine Interface): A means for humans and machines to exchange information and input / output devices for that purpose.

“AFID” can display high-brightness and high-contrast aerial images using LLIS technology, and in combination with high-precision sensors, it can operate switches and icons displayed in the air like a tablet terminal. I can do it. Since it can be operated without directly touching the screen, in places where an unspecified number of people use it, such as medical institutions, financial institutions, commercial facilities, and transportation facilities, it is necessary to take measures against infectious diseases and consider hygiene. Demand is expected.