Philamen tape (generic name: filament tape) has tough filaments (fibers) embedded in the adhesive in the length direction of the tape, and has strong tensile strength and impact resistance. It also has the feature that there is little adhesive residue when the tape is peeled off. Initially, Philamen tape was occupied by overseas imported products, but in 1958, Sugawara Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Maxell Co., Ltd., Functional Department, Material Business Headquarters) succeeded in domestic production. Philamen tape is used for (1) coil terminal stoppers in the metal processing industry (2) temporary fixing of doors and accessories for home appliances and OA equipment (3) wire binding used for bridges (suspension bridges) (4) for packing heavy objects. It has a track record of more than 60 years since its commercialization, and is highly trusted by customers as an industrial material required in each industry.

∗ “Philamen Tape” is a registered trademark of Maxell.