Square lithium-ion

Li-Ion Prismatic Batteries


Li-ion Prismatic Rechargeable

  • Thin battery with high capacity
    Maxell’s original technologies, such as electrode technology, have realized thin batteries with high capacity that can be used in compact high-performance mobile devices.
  • Stable discharge under various temperature conditions
    Lithium-ion batteries provide stable discharge within a wide range of temperatures, between -20 deg. C and 60 deg. C.
  • Excellent cost performance
    Superior recharging properties ensure a service life of about 500 charge/discharge cycles under normal usage conditions. The superior cost/performance ratio ensures that lithium-ion batteries are ultimately more economical than primary batteries.
  • About Battery Packs
    This page introduces lithium-ion cells only. Maxell offers these cells in battery pack format only, which include electronic circuits to prevent overcharge, overdischarge and so on. These battery packs are custom-developed and produced according to special requirements regarding operating conditions and specifications. As a result, a minimum number of units may apply to such customized orders from customers purchasing battery packs.


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