ML Rechargeable

Lithium-ion Coin Type Rechargeable


Approx. 2.5V operating voltage

The operating voltage is about twice that of nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. Displays a high discharge voltage of 2.8 V when at 10% of nominal capacity (depth of discharge is 10% or less), when charged at 3.0 to 3.3 V.
Superior charge/discharge characteristics (Fig. 2)

Achieves 1,000 cycles of discharging to 10% of nominal capacity (Depth of discharge = 10%). The total discharge capacity is quite high at 100 times nominal capacity. (shipped fully charged)
Wide -20 deg. C to 60 deg. C usable temperature range

Demonstrates stable operating voltage in temperatures as low as -20 deg. C and as high as 60 deg. C.
Low self-discharge and superior leakage resistance (Fig. 3)

Self-discharge at 20 deg. C is no more than 2% per year. Supplies a nominal capacity of about 95% even when stored at 20 deg. C for roughly five years (according to accelerated test conducted by Maxell). And since organic electrolyte is used, the battery has superior leakage resistance.
Excellent floating characteristics (Fig. 4)

A specially formulated organic electrolyte is employed to provide stable discharge characteristics even if charged for a year at 3.3 V at 20 deg. C (according to accelerated test conducted by Maxell).
Excellent high rate discharge characteristics (Fig. 5)

Maxell ML (lithium manganese dioxide rechargeable) batteries are available only for equipment manufacturers as a built-in part. Therefore, Maxell does not supply these batteries for replacement directly to users of equipment with these batteries. When built-in ML batteries need to be replaced, please contact your equipment manufacturer. If you are planning to use Maxell ML batteries in your equipment as a built-in part, please contact Maxell.
UL Recognized Components

The coin type lithium manganese dioxide rechargeable battery is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) recognized component. (Technician Replaceable)

Recognized models: ML2032, ML2016
Certification number: MH12568

● Mobile Phones ● PHS ● OA Machines (Fax, Copiers, Printers) ● Notebook PCs ● Desktop PCs ● PDAs ● Camcorders ● Digital Still Cameras ● Portable CD/MD Players ● Watches ● Medical Instruments, Cash Registers ● FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors) ● Electronic Meters (Water, Gas, Electricity)



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