CLB Coin Lithium-ion Rechargeable

  • High Power

A unique stacked electrode structure enables power of up to 2ItA (140mA).

  • Superior Safety

Separator-wrapped positive electrodes help prevent internal short-circuits. Safety is ensured even when external short-circuits occur.

  • Long Battery Life

Capacity retention; 90% after 500 cycles
(Cycle condition; Charge CCCV: 0.5ItA/4.2V, Discharge: 0.2ItA/E.V. = 3.0V, Temperature: 20 deg. C)
Higher battery capacity than primary batteries
(CR2032*2; 240mAh, CLB2032; 70mAh x 500 cycles = 35,000mAh). Compared with Maxell’s CR2032

  1. High Reliability

Maxell has concentrated its original technologies, accumulated during the development of crimping and electrode coating technologies, into this highly reliable CLB battery. The stainless steel battery body minimizes battery swelling.