Equipped with Japan’s first 3-head gyro cut system

The rotating outer blade smoothly catches any whiskers, and the counter-rotating inner blade cuts quickly.

3D flex head

Adheres to any curved surface of the skin and eliminates unshaving

Dual track blade

Two types of grooves and shaving holes allow you to quickly shave long and short beards at the root.

Operating remaining amount display

The remaining operating capacity is displayed with an 8-step LED display.

Kiwazori Trimmer

For shaving hard-to-shave sideburns and sideburns.

Furo shaving compatible WET / DRY

In addition to dry shaving, it also supports bath shaving.

Easy charging stand just to put

There is no need to connect a cord to the main body.

Worldwide Voltage

For both overseas and domestic use (AC100-240V)