Reciprocating shaver IZF-V939

  • 4 blade
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No spare blade exchange for 3 years ※1

Uses a highly durable stainless steel blade to maintain sharpness. No need to replace the blade for 3 years.

Sound wave drive + SUS outer blade

High-speed shaving at 10,000 drives per minute
Durable stainless steel blade

Die-cast blade frame

Uses a solid metal blade frame that supports powerful high-speed drive.

4 blades

Wide joint surface to the skin allows you to quickly shave many beards at once

Additional information

Hair Requirement


Shaver Type

Foil Shaver



* All photo illustrations are images. The image is an image of a typical model.

* 1 We have conducted a durability test specified by our company and confirmed that there are no problems such as tearing.
* 4 Comparison of continuous operation time from full charge with assumed actual shaving weight (400 g) (according to Maxell Izumi research as of August 2019) (Comparison of products with the same number of blades)
* 5 The number of days of use varies depending on the darkness of the beard, the force applied to the skin, the ambient temperature, etc.



tone:S (silver)
power supply: Charging・AC type
Battery: Li-ion
Power consumption: 7W
charging time: 2 hours
External dimensions: Width 70 x Depth 49 x Height 160 mm
weight: About 276g
accessories: Power adapter, brush, cap, charging stand, hard case, shaver oil
Spare blade:
Outer blade / inner blade set: SS-V939
* Blade replacement guideline: 3 years, see the instruction manual for details.



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