Large air volume 2.0 m² / min * 1

air volume of 2.0 m² / min dry hair * 1 Powerful large makes it possible to speedily .

2WAY dry nozzle

By opening and closing the nozzle slit, the wind is used properly, and while quickly drying the entire hair, it dries well to the skin.

spot [Nozzle slit: close] By applying a strong wind at the spot, moisture is blown off from the inside of the hair, and it dries well from the scalp and the root of the hair.

wide [Nozzle slit: open] Quickly dries the surface of the hair while blowing more wind. Ideal for finish drying.

8 spot negative ions

Negative ions are generated over a wide area from 8 locations and reach every corner of the hair evenly.

Mesh filter

The mesh filter makes it difficult for dust to enter and allows you to send in a clean wind.

Switch position

dry/hair care/cool/off
turbo on/off

* 1 No nozzle, turbo
* 2 With 2WAY dry nozzle (SPOT), when turbo is “off”