Mobile rechargeable battery – MPC-T6200P

  • Made in Japan, large capacity and compact
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Made in Japan

Large capacity 6,200mAh Maxell lithium-ion battery installed

You can charge your smartphone about 2.4 times. * 1

Equipped with auto power ON / OFF function * 2

It automatically detects the device connection, starts charging, and automatically stops charging when fully charged.

Equipped with a 4-step LED remaining amount display that shows the remaining battery level

The LED light lights up and blinks according to the remaining charge, and you can see the remaining charge at a glance.

Supports quick charging of the battery body

The battery can be charged in about 5.5 hours * 1

Additional information





Model number MPC-T6200P
External dimensions Width 63 x height 115 x thickness 17 mm (excluding protrusions)
Input / output terminal Input / Output: USB Micro B / USB-A
Input voltage / current Input: DC5V / Maximum 1.5A
Output voltage / current Output: DC5V/maximum 2A
Body mass About 155g
charging time Approximately 4 hours (0-80%), Approximately 5.5 hours (0-100%) * 1
However, when using an AC adapter with an output of DC5V / 1.5A or higher
Same product Charging cable approx. 20 cm x 1 (USB-A –USB Micro B) * 2
Instruction manual (with warranty)


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