CR Lithium Coin Batteries

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CR lithium

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Notable characteristics CR type batteries are their light weight, wide temperature operating range and high voltage compared to most other types.

Features of Maxell CR type batteries include :

Ideal for powering electronic devices such as remote controls, calculators, medical and scientific measuring instruments, PDA’s, sensors, keyless entry systems, electronic counters & meters (e.g. water, gas, electricity) and such equipment.
Optimum long term performance for Memory and RTC Backup
Wide operating temperature range (-20 to +80 deg.C. **)
High 3 volt energy density
Stable discharge characteristics through low internal resistance and high operating voltage
Superior leakage resistance and excellent storage characteristics
Superior high rate discharge characteristics

Maxell holds in excess of 25% of the global market for micro battery production, making it the world’s No.1* micro battery manufacturer.

(*source: Japan Battery Manfucturers Asscn.)



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