Thin flexible battery (Air Patch Battery)

Wafer Thin Flexible Battery



Thin flexible batteries suitable for the medical healthcare patch market

  • Drug administration (insulin, painkillers, etc.)
  • Biological data monitoring (blood glucose level, electrocardiogram, body temperature, skin condition, etc.)

* This product is under development, and specifications and appearance are subject to change from the information at the time of publication. Please note.




Does not contain harmful or dangerous substances
-Since the electrolyte uses a neutral aqueous solution that is harmless to the human body, it is safe to touch the skin. (Design that is safe even if the electrolyte leaks)
-Since an aqueous electrolyte solution is used, there is no need to worry about ignition or ignition.


Lightweight and thin flexible
-There is little discomfort even if a patch is attached to the human body.

High capacity and high energy density (more than twice the ratio of sheet-type batteries using conventional aqueous electrolytes)


Medical / healthcare patch (medical sensing, transdermal medication)

IoMT / wearable device

Disposable equipment

Thin flexible battery Air Patch Battery

Wearing image

Thin flexible battery Air Patch Battery

Size image


Product name Dimensions (mm) Standard capacity (mAh) Nominal voltage (V) Standard discharge current (mA) Volumetric energy density (Wh / L)
AP071520 15×20×0.75 10 1.2 0.1 53
AP092530 25×30×0.95 40 0.3 67
AP095055 50×55×0.95 250 2 114
Air patch battery
Sheet batteries

Maxell’s thin flexible batteries are all made of thin sheet-like materials and have a simple structure.


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