ER Lithium Batteries

ER Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery


  • High 3.6-V voltage. The lithium thionyl chloride battery achieves a high voltage of 3.6 V.
  • Flat discharge characteristics. The change of internal resistance during discharge is minimal, allowing for flat discharge voltage until end of discharge life.
  • High energy density. Provides high energy density of 970m Wh/cm3 with discharge current of 100 µA (ER6 type).
  • Wide usable temperature range. Can be used over a wide temperature range : – 55 deg. C to +85 deg. C (please consult with Maxell, if using in temperatures of -40 deg. C or less).
  • Superior long-term reliability. The extremely low self-discharge, together with the use of a hermetic seal, allows for stable use over long periods.

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