Canal type headphones Heavy bass model “BASS” – MXH-CB200

Newly developed driver reproduces powerful deep bass, sophisticated design deep bass model

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Accent line with both design and sound effects

Sophisticated design with accent lines on a small form that is easy for women to wear
The compact form, which is easy for women to wear, has been given an accent line that evokes the strength and volume of the sound, resulting in a more luxurious and fashionable design.
Slit-shaped bus port that extends to the full width of the housing reproduces sharp bass
The slit-shaped bus port that extends to the full width of the housing enhances the vibration efficiency of the driver and reproduces sharp bass.

A comfortable fit that fits your ears

The smooth curve along the ears makes it easy to wear and creates a comfortable fit.

Adopted a long port that directly delivers a profound and powerful sound * 1

By adopting a long port that reaches deep into the ear, it directly conveys a profound and powerful sound.

Uses antibacterial earpieces * 2 to improve cleanliness

Silver ions are kneaded into the earpiece and antibacterial treatment is applied to improve the cleanliness. In addition to S, M, and L earpiece sizes, SS size that fits the smaller ear is also included.

  1. Compared to our HP-CN03
  2. The antibacterial effect has been confirmed by JIS Z 2801 test at SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.

Additional information





Model number MXH-CB200
Type Dynamic type
Driver unit 9mm in diameter
Impedance 16Ω
Sound pressure sensitivity 106dB/mW
Playback frequency band 20~20,000Hz
Maximum input 50mW (IEC: measured by the International Electrotechnical Commission)
Code length About 1.2m
plug 3.5mm diameter stereo mini plug (L type, gold plated)
quality Approximately 13g (including code)
Same product Antibacterial earpiece * 1 (2 each for SS / S / M / L) * M is attached to the main body, instruction manual (with warranty)

Line Up

Variety Color Model number
Canal type black MXH-CB200BK
white MXH-CB200WH
blue MXH-CB200BL
pink MXH-CB200PK
Light pink MXH-CB200LP
Red x black MXH-CB200RB


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