Canal type headphone take-up reel type “+ FiT” – MXH-C110R

“Fit to the ear” Comfortable fit creates a comfortable sound

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“Fit to the ear”, comfortable fit

A housing shape that is easy to wear with a smooth curve along the ear and realizes a comfortable fit

Newly developed earpiece improves fit, reduces sound leakage, and improves noise isolation

A newly developed earpiece made of silicon material with improved hardness has been adopted to further improve the fit, reduce sound leakage, and improve noise insulation.

The housing that reduces standing waves realizes clear sound

Achieves clear sound with a housing design that has the effect of reducing standing waves

A diverse lineup of 10 colors with a stylish design that can be used regardless of gender

Adopted a long port that directly delivers a profound and powerful sound * 1

By adopting a long port that reaches deep into the ear, it directly conveys a profound and powerful sound.

Rewind reel specifications that can neatly store the cord

Additional information





Model number MXH-C110R
specification Cord take-up reel type
Type Sealed dynamic type
Driver unit 9mm in diameter
Impedance 16Ω
Sound pressure sensitivity 97dB/mW
Playback frequency band 20~22,000Hz
Maximum input 50mW (IEC: measured by the International Electrotechnical Commission)
Code length About 1.0m
plug 3.5mm diameter stereo mini plug (L type)
quality Approximately 17g (including reel and cord)
Same product Earpiece (2 each for S / M / L) * M is attached to the main body, instruction manual (with warranty)

Line Up

Variety Model number Color
Canal type
Cord take-up reel type
MXH-C110RWH white
MXH-C110RBK black
MXH-C110RPK pink
MXH-C110RMXPP Pink x pink
MXH-C110RCP Cherry pink
MXH-C110RYE yellow
MXH-C110RMXGY Green x yellow
MXH-C110RLB Light blue
MXH-C110RDB dark blue
MXH-C110RPU purple


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