If you are looking for a professional overhead type headphone for projecting powerful music then Maxell’s MP3-DUO is just the thing. With DUO speaker system, this allows for headphone function & powerful loudspeaker function, at a flip of a switch

Providing a leatherette headband and sturdy design these headphones are lightweight and comfortable. The closed ear cups provide excellent insulation against ambient noise whilst delivering a bass that is crisp and vivid. The reverse loudspeaker provides powerful clear sound; excellent for a computer/laptop speaker, just plug and play into usb port.

These headphones come with built in micro sd card slot for mp3 playback. Included also is built in FM tuner.


  • Micro sd card slot for mp3 playback
  • FM tuner
  • Powerful loudspeaker function at a switch of a button.
  • Playback 5hours with maxell Lithium Ion battery