• Eye Care System MXEC-100

    • Place the head on the skin around the eyes to provide a refreshing and relaxing warming/cooling effect.
    • There are three modes (Refresh/Relieve/Revive) that can be individually selected to cool, warm, or repetitively warm and cool the area around the eyes.
    • 4 selectable Skincare Modes for intimate care: CLEANSING, MOIST,MASK, COOL
    • CLEANSING mode removes fine dirt from the pores.
    • MOIST mode helps cosmetic moisturizers to penetrate to the skin deeply.
    • MASK mode delivers micro vibrations and switches to enhance benefits of moisturizing lotion and sheet masks.
    • COOL mode firms skin with soothing cooling effect.
    • Designed in JAPAN
    • Monitor, track and analyze the state of your skin.
    • Determine what treatment you need.
    • Takes high-resolution skin images with the Full HD sensor


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