The 1960s

  • The dry battery and magnetic tape divisions of Nitto Electric lndustrial Co., Ltd. (the present Nitto Denko Corp.), were set up independently as Maxell Electric lndustrial Co., Ltd.
  • Commenced production of the first alkaline dry batteries in Japan.
image:Commenced production of  the first alkaline dry batteries in Japan
  • Changed company name to Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.
  • Introduced the first audio cassette tapes into the Japanese market.
image:first audio cassette tapes into the Japanese market
  • Completed the Kyoto Works
  • Established Maxell Seiki, Ltd.
  • Established Maxell Corporation of America in U.S..

The 1970s

  • Commercialized UD series of audio cassette tapes.
  • Established Kyushu Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.
  • Released the world’s first high-performance zinc manganese batteries.
  • Introduced the first 8-inch floppy disks (FD3200S) into the Japanese market.
image:Introduced the first 8-inch floppy disks (FD3200S) into the Japanese market
  • Established Maxell Europe GmbH in Germany.
  • Commercialized Japan’s first silver oxide battery.
  • Listed on the 2nd sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE).
  • Established Kyoto Research Laboratory.
  • Released VHS video cassette tapes.
  • Established Maxell America lncorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

The 1980s

  • Established Maxell (U.K.) Limited (the present Maxell Europe Ltd.) in the U.K.
  • Listed on the 1st sections of the TSE and the OSE.
  • Completed a video tape facility at the Kyoto Works.
  • Commercialized coin-type lithium manganese dioxide (CR) batteries.
  • Completed the Tsukuba Works.
  • Commenced production of the first lithium thionyl chloride (ER) batteries for memory backup use in Japan.
  • Released 12-inch optical disks (OC301).
  • Completed Maxell (U.K.) Limited Telford Plant in the U.K.
  • Commenced production of IC cards and memory cards.
  • Completed the Fukuchiyama Works.
  • Released the world’s smallest *1 diameter (4.8mm) silver oxide batteries SR421SW and SR416SW.
  • Established Maxell Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Made Tohshin Seiko Co. Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
  • Created audio cassette tapes Metal Vertex, the world’s first cassette tapes using back-coated metal tapes.
  • Released data cartridge (HS-4, HS-8) for computer use.
  • Released the BETACAM SP/B-MBQ series and entered the professional broadcasting video tape industry.
  • Merged Maxell Corporation of America with Maxell America lncorporated.

The 1990s

  • Established the Recording Media Research Laboratory in Tsukuba.
  • Commercialized 3.5 magneto-optical (MO) disks.
  • Completed the Ono Works.
  • Launched computer backup tape DLTtape® III.
  • Released digital audio MiniDisc (MD-RM).
  • Released writable compact discs (CD-R).
  • Commercialized the world’s first optical modulation overdrive MO (RD-M230).
  • Commenced production of lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Commenced production of coin-type lithium manganese dioxide (ML)
    rechargeable batteries.
  • Established Wuxi Hitachi Maxell Co., Ltd., in Wuxi, China.
  • Released nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.
  • Commenced production of button-type titanium carbon lithium (TC) rechargeable batteries.
  • Developed Write Once and Reliable Data Security (WORDS) technology.
  • Obtained ISO 14001 at all production facilities.
  • Released the world’s first rewritable DVD-RAM discs.
  • Developed and released glossy photographic papers for inkjet printers.
  • Commercialized CD-R and CD-RW discs for music.
  • Established the Battery Research and Development Laboratory in Osaka.
  • Introduced the Dynamic series of high-performance alkaline dry batteries.
  • Commercialized high-capacity polymer lithium ion batteries.

The 2000s

  • Released 4.7GB DVD-R discs.
  • Released 4.7GB DVD-RAM discs.
  • Commercialized 2.8GB compact (8cm) DVD-RAM discs for video cameras.
  • Developed a new alkaline battery with a power tank construction.
  • Released LTO Ultrium1 data cartridges.
  • Released Super DLTtape® I.
  • Commercialized Coil-on-Chip RFID.
  • Released new alkaline batteries with a power tank construction.
  • Commenced production of 3.8mm-thin lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Commenced shipments of thin-film filter samples for optical communications.
  • Introduced 9.4GB DVD-R/-RW dual discs for long time recording
  • Launched the New Dynamic series of alkaline dry batteries with power expander technology.
  • Completed construction of the Maxell Tokyo Building.
  • Commenced manufacturing of Digital Pen and research and development of next generation products, with Anoto in Sweden.
  • Commenced shipments of LTO Ultrium2 data cartridges.
  • Obtained the world’s first qualification certificate of Super DLTtape® II cartridge.
  • Commenced shipments of DAT72 data cartridge.
  • Commenced shipments of camera lens units for cellular phones.
  • Launched Blu-ray Discs for recordings.
  • Commenced production of pickup lenses.
  • Commercialized heat-resistant, coin-type lithium manganese dioxide batteries.
  • Released a brand-new alkaline battery, Epsialpha.
  • Commenced shipments of the alkaline dry cell New “dynamic” which attained industry first, and use recommendation term four years (JIS standard).
  • Developed the bismuth system phase change record film which made rapid recording of the recordable DVD possible.
  • Commenced shipments of commercial-use pigment inks.
  • Commercialized the world’s first 5X DVD-RAM disc.
  • Commenced shipments of LTO Ultrium3 data cartridges.
  • Commenced shipments of the first in the world, alkaline dry cell “Epsialpha” with 100% of zinc particle “micro zinc” use.
  • Commenced shipments of the alkaline dry cell New “dynamic” which attained industry first, and use recommendation term five years (JIS standard).
  • Commenced shipments of camera lens units for vehicles.
  • Commenced shipments of the near-infrared resonance simple substance film for plasma displays.
  • Commenced shipments of 3590Extended data cartridge.
  • Commercialized a silver oxide battery that is completely mercury-and lead-free.
  • Commercialized lithium manganese dioxide (CR) cylindrical batteries.
  • Merged Maxell Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. with Tohshin Precision
    (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to establish a new company: Maxell Tohshin (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Developed the volume record type optical storage technology by a nanoimprint thin optical discs.
  • Developed a fuel cell that uses hydrogen derived from water and aluminum.
  • Became the world’s first qualified DLTtape manufacturer and commenced shipments of Maxell DLTtape® S4 data cartridges.
  • Commenced shipments of rewritable type HD DVD-R disk with a storage capacity of 15 GB at the first in the world.
  • Launched a write-once BD-R disc and a rewritable BD-RE disc.
  • Became the world’s first qualified LTO manufacturer and commenced shipments of Maxell LTO Ultrium4 data cartridges.
  • Launched world’s first iVDR-standard hard disc drive, iV, capable of recording copyright-protected high-definition content.
  • Developed DAT160 data cartridge.
  • Developed technology for high-capacity tape media that uses ultra-thin, high-density nano-granular magnetic film.
  • Commercialized the world’s first 7.5GB (8cm) BD-R/RE discs for video cameras.
  • Made Sliontec Corporation a consolidated subsidiary.
  • Launched Dynamic Voltage high-performance alkaline dry batteries that are long-lasting and have triple-power.
  • Developed a high-activity catalyst that enables higher performance fuel cells.
  • Began mass production of glass pickup lenses for Blu-ray Disc drives.
  • Developed heat-resistant separator that improves the safety of lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Began shipments of power-source-type cylindrical lithium ion
    rechargeable batteries.
  • Launched New Voltage, an alkaline dry battery designed to prevent electrolyte leakage.*2
  • Completed construction of electrode plant in Kyoto Works.
  • Merged Tohshin Seiko Co., Ltd., and Nagano Optics Laboratory Corporation to create Maxell Finetech Ltd.
  • Began shipments of high-power cylindrical lithium ion rechargeable batteries that use significantly less cobalt.
  • Developed the world’s smallest *3 micro-camera lens units, which incorporate piezo actuators.

The 2010s

  • After delisting at Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange first section, it becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Commenced shipments of LTO Ultrium 5 data-cartridge.
  • Develop the 45.0 Gb/inch world highest *4 surface recording density (= 69.8 Mb/mm2) magnetic tape technology.
  • Launched the wireless charger air voltage based on “Qi (Chee) standard” first in domestic market.
  • Hitachi Maxell Energy Ltd. is newly established by partition of corporation, and a part of manufacturing and sales operations of a battery are transferred.
  • Launched the wireless charger air voltage for iPad2 which adopted the electric field connection type first in the world.
  • Merged five domestic consolidated subsidiaries.
  • Launched the portable storage battery “Energy Station (energy station)”.
  • Commenced shipments of LTO Ultrium 6 data-card ridge.
  • Merged Hitachi Maxell Energy Ltd.
  • The foreign general operations is transferred to Hitachi Maxell Global Ltd. (Hong Kong).
  • Established Maxell Smart Communications, Ltd.
  • In connection with merger with Hitachi Consumer Electronics Ltd. Hitachi Joei Tech Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Digital Products China Co., Ltd. are transformed into consolidated subsidiaries.
  • Developed the Japanese first *5 storage battery and HEMS system the apartment dwelling unit installation.
  • 1 million total shipment achievement of the projector for China.
  • Launched the electric-power-wholesale by photovoltaic generation (large-scale solar power system).
  • Developed the image display technology of a legible projector at a bright place, jointly with Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange first section.
  • Adopt a Tokyo/Kyoto twin head quater structure by newly setting up Kyoto Head Quater.
  • Established Maxell System Tech Co., Ltd. by aquisition of part of business of Renesas Semiconductor Package & Test Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Changed company name to Maxell Holdings, Ltd. following transition to holding company structure and established Maxell, Ltd. as operational company.