Maxell Blown Away Guy

You may recognise this image from your childhood. Its Maxells blown away guy, back in the 70s the commercial hit the airwaves and became an icon of pop culure he was so impacted by the sound quality of his maxell audio cassette playing Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, that it made his hair tie and wine glass and even the lamp blow back but it wasn’t the really the wind that got everything moving. It was a fishing line that did the trick. Maxell didn’t expect the commercial to be a hit and only ran it for a few years, but blown away guy he lived on as one of the most famous corporate icons. Inspiring parodys from family guy in 2005 and the guys from Jackass who did the spoof battling the wind from the plane and P Diddy who use the theme in the music video for “Tell Me”. Maxell was founded in 1969 and branched off from hitachi maxell. The companys name is a contraction of Maximum Capacity Dry Cell because the company started off making batteries, they started producing audio tapes from the waste left over from making those batteries.