News Regarding Fake Maxell batteries

Maxell is the world’s largest manufacturer of Micro Watch Batteries. Our Brand is trusted by the largest watch manufactures in their devices, because of our greener 0% mercury 0% cadmium battery production, no leakages and excellent quality control: That our research and development team have perfected in our Japanese factories over decades.

Our recognized brand of micro batteries are trusted because of their reliability, performance and excellent quality.

However, like most recognized brands, others will counterfeit to profit off a brands reputation

It has come to our attention that there are fake Maxell Watch Batteries circulating in the Australian Market.

These knock off maxell watch batteries are typically found online, ebay, $2 shops and flee markets.

A supposedly good deal from a vendor will always cost you more in the long run. Fake, non genuine Maxell batteries are more likely to do the things below, and lack of consistent quality control in the counterfeiting industry means, they very likely will:

  • Leak
  • Lose charge quickly
  • Lose capacity over a shorter period of time
  • Cost more money over time because of more frequent replacements not just of the battery, but of the product damaged by a leaky battery.
  • Explode

We recommended buying Maxell Watch batteries from a reputable establishment. If you cannot get the watch battery you are after or your are in a remote part of Australia, please visit . Our online shop stocks every SR silver oxide, CR lithium coin cell and LR alkaline battery online. We offer Australia wide shipping .

We ensure 100% guaranteed product that is reliable and will perform at its best.

If you have wholesale inquires please contact us at 0394299211 and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Maxell Team